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Product intelligence right from the source.

Source7 AI is transforming and automating the decision-making process around household products. Source7 AI combines decades of product intelligence, thousands of forensic investigations, and numerous industry data resources to provide actionable insight into household products. This intelligence will assimilate with your current tech platform, ensuring ease of integration, or operate independently with current programs. Source7 AI decision-making parameters are designed by the user for optimal effectiveness.

See how Source 7 AI can work for you.

See how Source7 AI can work for you.

Your time is as important as your claims, and Source7 AI lets you make the most of it. Source7 AI is a tool to streamline your processes and help you predict not only product liability but also annual and quarterly claim costs. This tool integrates with your organization’s processes, ensuring that recommendations are in line with your priorities and goals. This intelligence can immediately provide product ages, recalls, statutes, and investigation costs.

Customizable billing options are available.

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