Loss Control

Source7 AI creates structure around losses that are historically ill-defined. For example, “water damage” is a blanket term that provides little insight into the actual source of damage, and less on the probability of future losses. But again and again, “water damage” is cited as the cause of loss in costly claims.

Source7 AI uses its data to break down the various sources of water damage, including categories such as storm-related water intrusion, freezing, and product failure. Product failures are further defined by their product types, such as water heaters, dishwashers, supply lines, etc.

A unique feature of Source7 AI is its flexibility; it can be implemented after a product has failed or before, using its predictive data to inform policy decisions. 

Product Categories

Washing Machine


Electrical Panel

Water Heater


and Freezer

Clothes Dryer


  • CPSC Recalls Product

  • Failure Intelligence Product

  • Age Product Life

  • Expectancy Product

  • Manuals Replacements

  • Costs Product Features: (e.g. WiFi, Leak Detection Systems, etc.)

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