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Where's my Product Label?

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Once a recommendation  regarding subrogation is made by Source7 AI, can I choose to pursue it using another company to inspect?

Of course!  Source7 AI can be used as a standalone component or in conjunction with other Donan products. The benefits of using Donan’s services through the entire claims handling process include an unbroken chain of custody and access to our experts’ decades of experience. However, using Source7 AI does not in any way obligate you to engage us for shipping or inspection.

Aren’t there resources where I could find the output information without using Source 7 AI?

Some of the outputs provided by Source7 AI are available in various locations. The primary benefits of Source7 AI  are the decades of investigations that developed this product intelligence and that it integrates with your systems, standardizing policies and processes around evidence while forecasting maximum recovery dollars. We eliminate time-consuming research and remove guesswork by serving as a  dedicated resource for product intelligence.


When in the claims process should I initiate Source7 AI?

For maximum benefits, Source7 AI should be integrated as close to initial client contact as possible. From an underwriting perspective, early integration allows quotes to be provided faster, possibly even instantly, to an insured. Regarding claims, analyzing subrogation potential as close to the first notice of loss as possible drastically increases your ability to preserve the evidence.


Is there an application outside the insurance industry for Source7 AI?

Source7 AI is a resource for any entity benefiting from comprehensive and accurate product intelligence. We are always open to new opportunities to expand the use of Source7 AI.


Where does this intelligence come from?

This intelligence was gathered by forensic professionals over decades of product inspections and then married with numerous private and public resources.   The intelligence is continuously updated through new studies and investigations.

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