Flyreel puts property inspections in the hands of the policyholder with their AI assistant, allowing users to set their own time and use their own mobile device. As users pan their camera over a property, Flyreel’s proprietary computer vision technology automatically documents property features, contents, and policy-worthy details. For carriers, this enables personalized self-inspections at scale, real-time intelligence, and comprehensive baseline records of properties to inform decisions – in short, smarter underwriting.


Source7 AI integrates with Flyreel’s computer-vision technology to identify risk factors specific to scanned products and appliances. Users can simply scan the item on their mobile device as part of Flyreel’s property assessment. Once the product is identified, Source7 AI’s intelligence comes in; using the input from the image, Source7 AI provides the product’s age, recalls, life expectancy, and other information that helps pinpoint risk factors specific to that product – even when and how it may fail.


The Flyreel and Source7 integration provides a personalized digital experience, which leads to personalized risk coverage. With this integrated product experience, carriers can:


  • Better align risk with premium

  • Personalize coverage to unique, individual risk

  • Proactively mitigate risk with individual policyholders at scale

  • Identify recall opportunities before claims occur

  • Assess subrogation potential at First Notice of Loss

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